On this page you can subscribe your membership to the ESMP. The membership includes also an online yearly subscription to the official publication of the Society. The subscription is a good value compared to the purchase of each issue separately. All you need is a PayPal account. Here our paypal account. Otherwise it is possible to pay via bank transfer:

Annual subscription: 20 euros.

To: European Society for Moral Philosophy

Cariparma Crédit Agricole. Piazza Frattini, 19, MILANO – AG. 9, Italia

IBAN: IT82E0623001658000043921881


Reason for payment: Membership2016_ESMP. (Please change the year concerning the annual membership.)

After completing the subscription, please send to moralphilosophy.eu@gmail.com the information required: namesurname, e-mail address (optional), affiliation (if exists), website (if exists), and a brief profile (max 700 words).