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La Rocca, Claudio

Lapsa, Brian

Laurence, Thomas
Institution: Syracuse University E-mail address: Brief profile: Thomas Laurence is profoundly interested in the intersection between freedom, the biological configuration of human beings, and both (i) the impact social interaction and (ii) the affirmation of social interaction. This, in turn, very much raises two other issues that profoundly concern him, namely (a) courage and (b) self-command. He is the single author of 3 books and at least 97 articles. And with Michael Levin, he co-authored Sexual Orientation and Human Rights. Levin took the conservative side and Laurence took the liberal side.

Lo, Ping-cheung
Institution: Hong Kong Baptist University. E-mail address: Brief profile: • Associate Dean, Faculty of Arts • Director, Centre for Applied Ethics • Professor, Department of Religion and Philosophy • Hong Kong Baptist University • Ph.D. in moral philosophy (State University of New York at Buffalo, 1982) • Ph.D. in religious ethics (Yale, 1990) • Has taught at the Department of Religion and Philosophy of Hong Kong Baptist University since January, 1990 • Was Visiting Professor in Peking University, P.R.C., 1995, 1997 • Was Visiting Scholar, Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University, 1998 • Was International Visiting Scholar, The Hastings Center (The Institute of Society, Ethics and The Life Sciences), 1996.

Lories, Danielle