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Panizza, Silvia
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Peonidis, Filimon

Piazza, Anna

Pirc, Gašper
Institution: University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts. E-mail address: Brief profile: Gašper Pirc is a Slovenian philosopher. He was educated at University of Ljubljana and Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg. He graduated in philosophy and comparative literature at University of Ljubljana in 2012. Since that year he is enrolled in PhD studies at University of Ljubljana (thesis: "Perspectives of hermeneutics in the philosophy of law and normative ethics"). Areas of interest: ethics, 19th and 20th century philosophy (esp. Kantian and phenomenological tradition), philosophy of law, political philosophy, philosophy of language.

Pouivet, Roger

Premoli De Marchi, Paola E-mail address: