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Tangari, Emanuela

Tanyi, Attila
Institution: University of Liverpool. E-mail address: Website: Brief profile: Attila Tanyi holds a PhD (Central European University, Hungary) and is currently a lecturer in ethics and applied ethics in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Liverpool. He specializes in moral and political philosophy but his work stretches over disciplinary boundaries, and he regularly collaborates with philosophers whose specializations are very different from his own, as well as with nonphilosophers with an interest in philosophical problems. He has a particular interest in experimental philosophy, and recently led the German Science Foundation (DFG) funded research group Consequentialism and Its Demands.

Tarditi, Claudio
Institution: University of Turin - Pontifical Salesian University of Rome (Section of Turin). E-mail address: Brief profile: Claudio Tarditi, PhD, is currently post-doc researcher at the University of Turin and Invited Professor of Philosophical Anthropology at the Pontifical Salesian University of Rome (section of Turin). His main fields of research are phenomenology, hermeneutics, and philosophy of religion. His last books are Abitare la soglia. Percorsi di fenomenologia francese, Milan, Albo Versorio 2013 and Desiderio, sacrificio, perdono. L'antropologia filosofica di René Girard, Padova, Libreria Universitaria 2016.

Tejada, Ricardo

Torkler, René