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Varzi, Achille

Vázquez, Manuel

Verducci, Daniela
E-mail address: Institution: University of Macerata (Italy), Dept. of Education, Cultural Heritage and Tourism. Website: Brief profile: Daniela Verducci (1952) is an associate professor in Moral Philosophy. She currently teaches Philosophical Anthropology, Moral Philosophy and Contemporary Philosophy. She is investigating on the theoretical possibilities of escaping from the current phase of the post-metaphysical thought, interpreting “life” itself as a resource of First Philosophy and Ethics. Since 2014 she has been Co-President of The World Phenomenology Institute and Co-editor in chief of the Springer Series: «Analecta Husserliana» and «Islamic Philosophy and Occidental Phenomenology in Dialogue».

Virvidakis, Stelios

Von Wachter, Daniel