Topic: Desire&Will

We have decided to dedicate issue no. 15 to the topic “Desire&Will”. Desire – a term which in general designates a tendency, sensible or rational, to be well-disposed toward something in such a way as to possess it for oneself and enjoy it – is undoubtedly one of the most difficult forms of consciousness to decipher. In this issue we want to investigate the anthropological-transcendental and psychological dimensions of desire. Contributions are welcomed, therefore, which propose reflections upon any of the following themes: 1. theoretical aspects (what do we mean by desire and will, how they interact, problems, criticisms emerged, theories); 2. historical aspects (desire and/or will within the history of philosophy, new readings. n.b.: in this area we accept texts that propose new criticism, reflections, comparisons form authors, but not texts that present the theme only under a descriptive level, without a critical perspective or motivation of why it is important the study proposed); 3. moral-sociological aspects (the desire and the will in the flourishing of the subject; social expressions and implications); 4. juridical aspects (in regard to rights); 5. political aspects (if there is a moral protection in political decisions, government or administration); 6. economic aspects (subject effects on markets; decision-making in the business and the private sector).